Certified translations into Arabic are a must in Qatar

Why do you need a translator?

As part of setting up a business in Qatar, at some point you are definitely going to need documents translated into Arabic by a professional, certified translator. Whether it’s a contract, a certificate, a submission to the courts, and whatever field it may be in, technical, commercial, or marketing, it is absolutely vital that any translation you submit is completely accurate.

The temptation is to opt for cheaper translation services, of which there are many, and end up with a sub-standard translation that may not even be legally certified, and most likely will not be accepted by the authorities. But it you are prepared to invest in a high quality, reliable translation service, the results you get will not only be authentic, but will be accepted without question by the government ministry or other local institution that has requested them. And this will actually save you time and money.


Why Arabic?

If you have been searching for information on Qatar and its many business opportunities, you will have been impressed at the number of websites, including government ones, that provide extensive details in English. One of the reasons for this is the British influence in the Gulf area, including Qatar, going back to the 19th century, and continuing until Qatar attained independence in 1971. Although English is widely spoken and accepted as a second language (and is heard among many others, as the numerous guest workers in Qatar come from multiple countries), official government documents have to be in Arabic.

This came into law officially in 2016, making it mandatory for ministries, official organisations and schools to use Arabic in all their communications. In line with the requirements of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), it has gradually become obligatory for businesses in Qatar to use Arabic for transactions, statements, invoices, contracts, advertising, publications etc., in fact anything connected with products and services.

So if you want to set up a business, or get involved in any kind of project, or pursue a real estate deal in Qatar, there will be documents that need translating. In addition, if you have to present your educational qualifications or business credentials, or if you are bringing your family with you and have to supply marriage certificates etc., translation of documents into Arabic is likely to be part of the process.


Make sure it’s the best

That’s why it can’t be emphasised enough that the translations have to be first class! And it makes sense to have translations done with your trusted local representatives who are already providing a streamlined service to get your business up and running. Rather than risk an inferior translation outfit, just to save a little money, why not have your translations done by experienced, authorised translators, as part of a seamless operation, that includes attestation, if necessary, and presentation to the relevant authorities? Of course, your original documents may not be in English, but Afreno can also arrange for translation involving languages other than English.